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The Intentional Kindergarten: 3 Keys to Excellence

Anything done well is done intentionally. The key to excellence in the Geneva Kindergarten comes from asking the right questions about the nature of the child: Who is this child? How does he best learn? What is the environment that best supports that learning? We answer these in the way we choose our curriculum, our [...]

Then and Now

Long ago and far away . . . well. . . actually, not so long ago, and not so far away, there were schools that taught the love of learning and the meaning of life. The love of learning had not been destroyed by centralization, standardized testing, and the grinding machine of paperwork, forms, and […]

Full Souls

Full Souls by Pastor Steve Wilkins (President of the Geneva board of directors) Geneva Academy was started because we saw a need for a type of education that wasn’t being offered in our city, or region –a classical Christian education. It’s important, however, that we be clear about what we mean by “classical Christian education.” […]

Seeking the Peace of the City:

Future Leaders Need an Education in the Permanent Things   Geneva Academy’s mission is to serve the community by providing an education for cultural leadership and transformation. The purpose of an education is to bless those around us, not just ourselves. An education for cultural transformation must be faithful to Christ, must teach the foundational tools […]

Trivium Priest, King, and Prophet

Trivium Priest, King, and Prophet

History follows the basic pattern of the story of Israel, “God’s son”, from the age of the Priests, through the age of the Kings, and then to the Prophets.  These are the stages of maturity that nations go through and that individuals go through. The Trivium follows these Priestly, Kingly and Prophetic stages. Priests were […]

She gave herself to her children

“In the good old days, every man’s son, born in wedlock, was brought up not in the chamber of some hirling nurse, but in his mother’s lap, and at her knee. And that mother could have no higher praise than that she managed the house and gave herself to her children.” ~ Tacitus (56-117),  “A […]

The King’s Coin

Geneva Academy does not accept vouchers. This has been a settled conviction since the inception of the school, but we have not really faced the issue so closely until this year. Why not take the vouchers? Jesus Christ is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Being the Lord, He has all authority […]

The Recovery of the Art of Learning

 What is Geneva Academy?  Geneva Academy is a pre-k through 12th grade classical, Christian school founded in 2000.   What is the purpose of Geneva Academy? The purpose of Geneva is to equip students with the tools of learning so that they will be able to pursue wisdom and knowledge throughout all their lives. What is […]

End Game: Getting a Degree?

  An article by Bonnie Pritchett highlights the failure of most colleges to teach beyond the degree. An education used to be about the meaning of life and the student’s place and calling, ie, preparation for life. Wisdom was the goal. Now the goal is the degree, and they lack the one thing needful. Read […]

Our Children: The Terror of Hell

“If one seeks to learn why He is so delighted with little children, one will find many causes. First, if the little ones at present seem unimportant, regard them not as they now are, but as God intends they may and ought to be. You will see them not only as the future inhabitants of […]