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The Intentional Kindergarten: 3 Keys to Excellence

Anything done well is done intentionally. The key to excellence in the Geneva Kindergarten comes from asking the right questions about the nature of the child: Who is this child? How does he best learn? What is the environment that best supports that learning? We answer these in the way we choose our curriculum, our classroom, and our culture.

Intentional Curriculum

Kindergarten begins a well-ordered course in phonetic reading and spelling. Students begin with cursive writing, which has multiple proven benefits. Rich literature, foundational art skills, and rudimentary music training all begin in the Kindergarten and continue to the 12th grade. Math, as the language of science, centers on the use of an abacus, encouraging kinesthetic and visual learning. We concentrate on the basic foundational skills rather than a smattering of many subjects.

Intentional Classroom

In Psalm 103 we read that the Lord “knows our frame, He remembers that we are dust.” How much more should we consider the frame of our little ones? Kindergarten children are wide-eyed and wonder-filled. They love to touch, taste and do. They love to hear and tell stories. So we structure our day keeping this in mind. They sing, dance and make art, allowing them to “get the wiggles” out in a way that encourages, rather than frustrates, the love of learning.

Intentional Culture

The environment of learning is grounded in respect for the teacher, the students, and the subjects taught. Our culture is one of discipleship, leading and training little ones in Christ. We teach manners because manners train us to honor one another. We train and guide them in relationships, seeking and granting forgiveness of one another so that true fellowship can be maintained. We seek to train the affections of each child to love what is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, and excellent. This produces a culture of joy in learning.

Come Discover Geneva Academy!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - 7:45-9:30am

You’re invited to our Open House on March 21 to discover the Geneva difference. You’ll hear the testimony of parents and students and then go on a tour of the classes while in session. You’ll see first hand what a classical education looks like.
Breakfast and coffee is provided at 7:45.
RSVP and reserve your spot by writing elang@genevaclassical.org.

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