A Christian Liberal Arts & Sciences Education for PreK4 through 12th Grade.

Then and Now

Long ago and far away . . . well. . . actually, not so long ago, and not so far away, there were schools that taught the love of learning and the meaning of life. The love of learning had not been destroyed by centralization, standardized testing, and the grinding machine of paperwork, forms, and administrative bloat. The meaning of life had not been hidden by relativism, multiculturalism, and naturalism. There was wonder. There was purpose.

During that time, not so long ago, teachers read books, great books. Then they spilled over to their students and taught them to love books–books like the Odyssey, The Histories of Herodotus, and St. Augustine’s City of God, as well as Milton, Shakespeare, Bacon , and Locke. They read the whole book too, not just a neutered anthology of careful selections, safe opinions, and unexamined suppositions, but the virile great writers, thinkers, scientists, and mathematicians. (Yes, they read the mathematicians too; remember Euclid?) They took part in the great conversation when the “great conversation” still had meaning, when opinions could be challenged, when minds could grow and mature–which was the goal of education.

But the cultural narrative has changed and along with it, education’s end. The goal is no longer wisdom and preparation for a life of service to your neighbor, but rather the “productive, tax-paying citizen,” the “American dream,” or some version of the survival of the fittest. This narrative dictates curriculum all the way down to Pre-K and turns the student in on himself, rather than out toward his neighbor and his community.

Geneva Academy exists to train young men and women toward maturity in Christ, to love God and neighbor. To be a blessing to the world around them students must be careful and discerning thinkers, honest and hard workers, and effective communicators. All these come together at Geneva to train up a generation that knows its calling and purpose in the world and has the tools, by grace, to fulfill it. An education that used to be, now is, at Geneva Academy.

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