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Our Children: The Terror of Hell

John Amos Comenius, 1592-1670

“If one seeks to learn why He is so delighted with little children, one will find many causes. First, if the little ones at present seem unimportant, regard them not as they now are, but as God intends they may and ought to be. You will see them not only as the future inhabitants of the world and possessors of the earth, and God’s vicars amongst His creatures when we depart from this life, but also equal participants with us in the heritage of Christ: A royal priesthood, a chosen people, associates of angels, judges of devils, the delight of heaven, the terror of hell,  heirs of eternity.

Philip Melanchthon [Martin Luther’s associate and the premier systematizer of Luther’s theology] once addressed the scholars assembled in a common school with these words:

“Hail, reverend pastors, doctors, licentiates, superintendents! “Hail, most noble, most prudent, most learned lords, consuls, praetors, judges, governors, chancellors, secretaries, magistrates, professors!”

When some of the standers-by smiled, he said, “I am not jesting. My speech is serious. I look on these little boys not as they are now, but as the Divine mind purposes, on which account they are delivered to us for instruction. Assuredly such leaders will come forth from them, though they may be mixture of chaff among them as among wheat.” Why should we not with equal confidence declare a glorious future for children of Christian parents since Christ who revealed the eternal secrets said that “of such is the Kingdom of God.”

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